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Thorbjörn Petersen

                I'm a Danish artist with a dynamic art-style and a flair for retro,  rounded and colorful illustrations. I work mixed media with traditional pen and ink drawings, spiced up with digital colors. I also sport a moustache. 
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Samples of some of my finest professional work

Children's Books Cover-illustrations: 

A selection of art-samples made primarily for Scandinavian publishers 

Children's Book Illustrations

Inside book-illustrations to help the narrative of the Danish book-series "Frej". Written by Danish critically acclaimed author, Kaare Bluitgen.  


Selected personal favorites of my comicbook-pages that I've created for several anthology publications from Scandinavia and abroad.

"There's something cool in the state of Denmark"- 

And it's me

               I'm an Eisner-nominated professional artist, cartoonist and illustrator with a BA in Graphic Storytelling, illustration and comics.

               I have worked mainly as an illustrator for children's books and book-covers, but I have also made award-nominated work as a comicbook artist for both Danish and American publications.

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    My prices vary based on the piece, so send me an e-amil, or write me in the DM-section below, and we'll talk!

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